Launching an E-learning Start Up

Silver Laptop with Education Icons

Utilising our ITaaS model to source talent specifically suited for start-ups is one of CloudStreams major strengths. We take immense pride in our own entrepreneurial roots and the office environments we have created that foster our agile solutions.  

A well-funded e-learning start-up in the Middle East mandated CloudStream to exclusively secure the highly skilled digital, application development and leadership talent that would allow them to meet their hyper growth demands during the critical launch period.

This start-up set out on their journey to change the curriculum and inspire children to prepare them for jobs of the future, with their own AI framework they have created products within Machine Learning to create a school like never before. The classrooms are futuristic, and facilitators are appointed instead of teachers to sit between the pupil and the technology. 

The school that launched this year is seen as a global pioneer in this field of education and has already seen an increase in child productivity and test scores.

CloudStream have sourced over 60 senior technical requirements across data, engineering and design from all corners of the globe.




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