Nathanael Steiner

Talent Director

I’m a well-travelled member of the EarthStream family, having spent over 15 years living in Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

I have had a career in recruitment for over 10 years operating on a global basis, being passionate about connecting the right people to the right positions.

For the majority of my career I have focused on the Engineering, Energy and Infrastructure sectors, with my primarily focus being Cleantech, Power Generation and Water.

My EarthStream story is somewhat different than most; I was originally part of the successful EarthStream Asia founding team, after a few years I decided to set up my own niche consultancy and built this to become a successful practice that provided a high level of niche skills. This consultancy was later acquired by EarthStream in 2017 and absorbed back into the business. Since this point, I have led our growth strategy into the Energy Sector and am now driving our Japanese development plans.

For those that know me would say I am an extremely active outdoors individual. I participate in triathlons and Spartan races on a regular basis and enjoys playing tennis, cricket, futsal and scuba diving.

I spent much of my week based in an office, so take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Region: Asia