Andrew Dodd

Managing Partner – APAC

Having worked with EarthStream for several years I was very excited when asked to enlarge my role and become Managing Partner for TechStream Group’s Asia Business.

Based in Singapore “SMART nation” we have become a melting-pot of cultures, full of youth, with an insatiable appetite for technology. As a key global growth centre, the region never ceases to amaze me as it leads the world in connected living. When a driverless car is prototyped, Singapore will become an early adopter, when one country introduced facial recognition into immigration checkpoints, Singapore became the world’s first fully automated airport.

Working in such an innovative environment means we can partner with leading enterprises in technology and SMART-engineering, whilst working very closely with hot new start-ups that have just received series-A-funded to launch new products into the market. Our tech-mix of Digital, Big Data, Info & Cyber Security and Smart Energy & Cities, is perfectly positioned for this region.

I’ve been fortunate to work with various members of the Board and management team for over 7 years and have always been impressed by the professionalism, integrity and the innovative forward-thinking approach that is embedded in our business way of life. The team here in Singapore is truly multicultural, passionate and stand for everything the business is about. It’s always exciting to lead such a talented and committed group of professionals.

If you want to catch me at the weekends, it’s best to look at the golf-course, although as someone once told me “if we hit it perfect every day, everyone else would just quit!”.

Region: Asia