We believe that marketing engagement is driven by content relevancy and creating relevant content requires a detailed understanding of the customer. We rely on customer data and data driven insights to inform our targeting, planning and creative content. This data focused approach is vital in order to create true marketing relevance for individual customers and superior customer engagement experiences.


• Strategic lead for key agency accounts and interaction with C-Suite clients.

• Support new business efforts and act as agency thought leader at industry events.

• Develop engagement strategies and plans, collaborate with creative teams and co-create engagement ideas from conceptualization to execution.

• Lead a team of 20+ Planning Director, Senior Planners and Planners, and provide professional development opportunities and on the job training as needed.


• 15+ years of experience in strategic planning at a leading communications agency o client marketing department

• Bachelors Degree (Masters Degree in Business a plus)

• Experience developing and building acquisition, cross sell, retention, and loyalty programs across a variety of engagements and industries.

• Experience working with Fortune 500 Clients in both B2B and B2C environments, retail and finance experience is an advantage.

• Strong command of most forms of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and working knowledge of when and how to apply them to a given client challenge.

• Creative mind and ability to inspire and instigate ideation across disciplines and departments.

• Great presentation skills and ability to lead large teams in brainstorming sessions.

• Demonstrated talent for abstract thinking, spotting trends and patterns, an innate curiosity and insight into human behavior, an instinct for popular culture, and a nuanced understanding of creative work are critical.

• The ability to work across different engagement groups and disciplines is key to their success: Digital, Social, CRM, Media, Content and Analytics, to drive integrated engagement platforms.

• Proficient in customer engagement technology and media platforms, and understanding of database models.


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