Viwe Sibhara

Key Accounts Consultant

Being born and bred in the lovely, once small, village of Hout Bay in Cape Town with the ocean, mountains and tall trees around me, I wanted to learn how people shaped the world. With the cliché of “money makes the world go round”, I embarked on a journey to learn about economics and the world of finance, however crunching numbers and learning about theories that are disproved as soon as another global financial crisis hits became very disillusioning.

From the moment I heard about CloudStream and the work that they are doing, I knew that this was a company that I wanted to be a part of. Working on an international level and talking to brilliant minds that are shaping the world by using technology to make the world more efficient and exciting at the same time.

I love working with software engineers in the financial, media, defence and eccentric start-ups, they allow me to keep a pulse on new trends and technologies that will change the way people interact with each other. Nothing is more rewarding than taking the knowledge that I have gained from talking to professionals that are at the top of their field and passing it on to others that are still novices in theirs and are looking for advice on the next step to take to reach their goals.


Viwe Sibhara


Middle East & Africa