Vic De Feo

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I started off my professional life as an electronics engineer focussed on testing mission critical avionics and radar systems...somewhat different to where I am today.

My experiences have been diverse and am fortunate that these have all had a positive impact on my career and for me as a person

I’ve led a high-profile delivery and outsourced projects in India, reduced costs for a major bank in Tokyo and upgraded a Global Equities trading system from the oldest unsupported version to the latest release...

I pride myself on being accessible, approachable and always keep the budget and project deliverables as my main priorities.

These diverse international projects have really helped me realise that what I really enjoy is building highly successful teams from diverse cultures, geographies and markets...I particularly thrive on “can’t be done projects”

Joining CloudStream was a simple decision; I had worked with a number of the senior management on previous projects, both as a supplier and as a client and found we shared similar goals and values.

I knew I could bring an extra dimension and level of experience to the business, one that I hope will allow us to compete and deliver some world class projects.

Those that know me, know that I am a passionate man (maybe it’s the Italian blood)!!! and that I love to roll my sleeves up and get involved.

When I heard about “www.sarashopefoundation.co.uk” I knew I needed to personally support, and I am glad to say that CloudStream have joined me on this journey to help such a worthy cause. As I said shared values & goals.


Vic De Feo


UK & Europe