Talesha-Cherie van der Linde

Key Accounts Consultant

Born in South Africa but wanting to see the world, I set off and began my career in India. I worked there for 12 months in hospitality before moving onto a new culture and city that I fell in love with – Dubai and continued within the hospitality industry.

When the opportunity to join CloudStream in South Africa and embark on a new career in recruitment I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to blend my international business knowledge with love of dealing with people.

Being a part of CloudStream doesn’t just present me with this opportunity on daily basis. I find myself more motivated, determined and hardworking than ever before.

Since joining CloudStream, I have become a specialist in my industry, learning the skills needed to find the best Talent for well-established technology organisations and start-ups with innovation across the Middle East. I aim to provide a transparent relationship with candidates and clients ensuring professionalism, quality service and honesty is at the fore front of the way I work.

In addition to this I want to continue my success across the Middle East to match the best tech talent with ambitious tech companies, who are pushing the boundaries of technology with industry disrupting products.

I believe that family should always come first and in my spare time I like to socialise with my friends whether it is breaking it down on a dance floor, half way up Table Mountain and the surroundings or at the beach enjoying the nice weather.


Talesha-Cherie van der Linde


Middle East & Africa