Steve Smith

Talent Manager

I’m now into my 13th year in recruitment and my passion for working with organisations to deliver talented people still grows every day.  I’m fortunate to have had a diverse and rewarding career within both global and SME recruitment businesses, and these days I enjoy being deployed on the business side - working directly with cutting-edge organisations and their leaders to achieve their goals, enabling them to execute their strategies and objectives.  

Teaming up with CloudStream for the current project with Maersk has perhaps been my most exciting assignment to date.  The long-standing relationship between CloudStream and Maersk, coupled with the vision and enthusiasm of the leaders within both organisations, made it easy for me to say a huge ‘yes!’ when I was approached to join CloudStream in early 2018 to take on the challenge of leading a large-scale Infrastructure project.

Technology excites me because of the constant innovation and evolution, there’s always something new happening - which challenges people and companies to push even further to reach the forefront of their industries and remain there.

Outside of work I’m a devoted dad of one, an avid sports fan and currently working through an extensive list of holiday destinations!