Michael Petrie

Chief Commercial Officer

I knew when we brought together TechStream Group’s board of directors that we would be designing & building a truly unique business and one that would hopefully disrupt and transform classical recruitment models across some very exciting engineering and technology markets.

Having worked with all the board members previously meant there was an immediate bond and synergy, two critical ingredients for a successful start-up.

Achieving such a senior balance creates a very strong foundation for the company, and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses really allows you to have confidence in those around you to take ownership and drive forward with the desire and passion needed.

My role as the CCO is highly diverse, challenging and varied; this combination means every day is different and exciting.

At the strategic level; designing the overriding vision & goals for the business; at the functional level developing our directors & consultants; at the commercial level winning and developing global projects and at the operational level setting budgets across the group.

It is the process of transforming this vision into reality and watching it being delivered to our clients where I feel the greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than receiving a reference about the quality of work one of our consultants have undertaken and delivered.

Myself and the team have recently been designing a service proposition to support and promote “the business of inclusion & diversity”. It is critical that we have a truly inclusive business and one that champions gender & ethnic diversity.

This service culminated in the strategic alliance between TechStream and “The Centre for Inclusive Leadership”, which I hope will begin to set the industry standards and form one of the core philosophy’s of TechStream.

Throughout my 20 years of recruitment experience, I have worked with a variety of international clients across many sectors.  The relationships I have built and fostered throughout these years are always built on trust, respect and delivery. This approach is the fundamental reason we can form such strong partnerships and bonds with our clients that have stood the test of time.