Honey Hassan

Client Services Consultant

I’m Honey, a spoken word poet and a fitness enthusiast. A lot of my free time is spent either at the gym or performing at spoken word competitions- spaces which I can explore the limits of both mind and body. This natural affiliation with performance led me towards a career in recruitment. It gave me the perfect opportunity to constantly interact with people and build out what I believe with be an amazing career.

I recently graduated from university and am one of the younger consultants in our London operation. Having the opportunity to start my career for a fast track business such as CloudStream and be surrounded by such a wealth of experience has provided me with exactly the foundation and environment I need to achieve my goals.

I hope to be an asset to the company and provide a unique experience for both candidates and client. Focusing on Application Development allows me to be a part of the growth of many start-ups as well as large corporate organisations where I can focus on building and maintaining strong relationships, while infusing my desire to work in a sector that is centred around technology.

Although its early days, I’m confident you will hear much more from me as I develop into a leading consultant – watch this space!!!