Ciarrai Healy

Talent Consultant

Born and bred in Ireland, it was here I completed my degree and embarked on a career in technology recruitment. I spent many years working in a mix on offsite and onsite roles, always focused on technology and mostly within the outsourcing arena.

For several years I worked inhouse for one of the largest global outsourcing companies; I felt during my time here in Ireland this proved the greatest challenge and taught me valuable lessons as to how the outsourcing market operated.

The projects ranged in scale, location and technology, many within financial services or across agile development projects.

Always in the back of my mind I had the urge to work abroad; so when approached about an opportunity for CloudStream based in Spain and recruiting back into Ireland and other European locations it seemed to good to be true.

Although still in my first year all the signs are positive – the relocation was a success, I have a new flat, dog and career in much sunnier climates!!!