Broné Ram

Talent Consultant

What is more gratifying than getting rewarded for hard work? Getting rewarded for smart work.

I have always been a believer of this motif, of course this doesn’t mean I’m quick to shy away from hard-work but rather I look for ways to create systems that will shorten the amount of time actions take whilst increasing the quality of delivery, however it is only after beginning to work under Joe Entwisle and his team have I been exposed to true efficiency in recruitment.

Working in a collaborative agile team relying on each other’s strengths, we successfully deliver quality candidates to high-level tech start-ups and enterprises in the middle eastern market.

In terms of specialisation, due to my love for sales and technology I enjoy working most roles, whether it be corporate or engineering, the conversation is seen as an opportunity to expand my knowledge base and network. However, I have found a particular interest in Data Science, whether it be structured or unstructured data, the application of machine learning algorithms fascinates me. I have refined my Data Science recruitment methodology in order to cater to top talent needs, to ensure that not one of my candidates will be unprepared for an interview due to a lack of information.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and training, doing so most mornings, lunch breaks or evenings. I also am a massive Ernest Hemingway fan and thus an avid reader.



Broné Ram


Middle East & Africa