Brian Crimmins

Talent Manager

In 2008, after 10 years of Engineering & Technology recruitment across the Irish market, I decided to relocate to Spain and take on a broader geographical remit focusing my skills on the rest of Europe and Middle East. Little did I know I would also meet my now wife, raise a family and discover (become addicted to) golf.

Moving to Spain and immersing myself in a new culture has been a real personal journey and one I have totally loved. Being able to expand my recruitment career and provide a more diverse range of solutions on a larger geographical landscape has meant new and vibrant challenges for me.

Six of the last eight years have been focused on the Oil & Gas sector with a specific emphasis on managing large recruitment projects for operators such as ADCO, PDO and Saudi Aramco. The projects were global in nature and consisted of a mix of technology and engineering positions.

What I enjoyed mostly about these projects was the diversity of the work, one project may consist of sourcing exploration specialists from Mexico, the next could be building out a cyber security capability or even providing c-level individuals to run in-country operations.

When the oil price fell towards the end of 2014, it became apparent that the clients I had worked so closely with were going to shift their focus towards cost reductions and optimisation. It is here that they really began to utilise technology solutions to meet these goals.

My career has followed this trend and for the last two years my focus has been on the provision of technology solutions across critical industries (Energy, Defence, Infrastructure). The projects are still varied in nature, ranging from cyber security, transformation, and cloud services but I have regained much of my European focus and in particular projects in Ireland.

In fact, the one constant during the last 6 years has been my commitment to becoming a scratch golfer, now down to a 6 handicap after work you will always find me hitting some balls on one of the many amazing courses we have here in the South of Spain.