Antoinette Buckle

Talent Principal

I’m Antoinette or “Anti” to the office and a self-confessed fitness enthusiast borderline fanatic. When I’m not in the office, I’m in the gym training or instructing, my day begins around 4:30 so I’m ready to take my 1st class before work and then into the office. It’s a brutal but rewarding regime.

I really enjoy having a positive impact on people’s lives and I get to do this both in the gym and in the office. The last 3 years has seen me contribute to the growth of global leading software vendors and changing individuals’ lives for the better by providing them with outstanding career opportunities. It is an extremely rewarding position to be in.

I specialise in technical, sales and marketing positions across Software Vendors and Integrators, but my real specialism is within the ERP space, now commonly referred to as BMS (Business Management Solutions) and introducing senior level technology solution experts to this market.

Africa is undergoing a technology revolution and I have positioned myself to support these vendors as they enter the market often for the first time.


Antoinette Buckle


Middle East & Africa