Andrew Clark

Talent Director

I’m Andrew and about 9 years ago I relocated from UK to South Africa, one of the best decisions I ever made. During the summer I’ll head to the beach, in the winter it’s up to the wine farms, in between there’s plenty of hikes and climbs, restaurants and bars and a multitude of other activities to keep you busy outside of work.

The social aspect aside – the real attraction to South Africa was to provide my European recruitment skills across Sub – Sahara Africa within economies that are still very much in their infancy.

I have focused on the emerging Sub-Saharan African market for the last 7 years, most recently with a focus on the Technology sector. This has given me the opportunity to assist in the development of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

I believe in hard work, networking, and being unique. A combination of these three traits will take you a long way in recruitment in any industry or geographical area. This has been particularly useful here in Africa where a strong candidate and client base who remembers and relies on you has proved invaluable.

Many of the clients I have had the opportunity to work with have relied on my recruitment expertise gained in Europe to help them overcome hurdles and difficulties at a local level.


Andrew Clark


Middle East & Africa