Amy Matheson

Executive Search – Talent Principal

I am responsible for the Executive Search Business Unit for the TechStream Group. I have been fortunate enough to have experience completing searches on both a local as well as International Scale, including but not limited to positions in the US, Asia, Africa and South Africa at an Executive level and Management level. I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Clients in various industry verticals, including but not limited the below: Technology, Retail, FMCG, Professional Services, Media & Communications, Banking, Risk Management, Insurance, Manufacturing, Energy & logistics.

Partnering Clients and Executives in environments that are going to produce meaningful results and long-term relationships are at the core of my focus. Relationship building, clear communication and transparency are key pillars that underline me both personally as well as professionally.

Apart from work, I am a fitness enthusiast, coffee and animal lover who loves anything musically related!