Abdul Mazlan

Talent Consultant

I became interested in IT ever since I was a kid at school. A few years back, my classmates came to me for all kinds of IT issues and I was the go-to person for IT during secondary school. I disrupted computer games during my free time and re-designed the entire android mobile phone systems which allowed me to I pick up basic coding.

Having joined CloudStream in February 2019, my focus is on Big Data and Application Development. I believe data in the business environment will be expand in the years to come, which I believe will lead to a high demand in Big Data professionals.

As I went through my career in the technology sector, I was contacted by a staffing firm about three to four years back and which drew my attention and interest to this sector, this allowing me to drive my passion of people and technology.

Outside of work, I spend time reading a lot about technology and other topics which expand my knowledge, provide good experience along with driving my passion for this sector. I bring value to both the clients and candidates through my successful growth strategies.


Abdul Mazlan