World water day: Using IoT to manage water

Smart farmer holding smart phone with agritech icons and messages on screen with soil sensor to manage water, soil quality and monitor weather. - Image

The world today has countless global threats and challenges and so has the global water industry. There are many agents that are responsible for these challenges and crises. 

These include population growth, the pollution and the influence of many pollutants that exist in the system.

Other factors include migration, issues that contribute to water reuse, and many other agents. Also, part of the deal includes water rights. Having access to water and water resources is one of the fundamental rights that humans should have.  Also. Using these rights in an efficient way is very critical. In many recent times, the World Economic Forum has stated that the environmental risks placed before any economic risks.

The crisis with water is amidst the top three global risks that are present in the world today. 

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Source: Smart Energy International

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