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Four Things You Should Do To Land That Next Promotion


Four Things You Should Do To Land That Next Promotion

Posted-on January 2019

Life is unmistakably the most beautiful and terrifying state of existence that only the most fortunate of us will ever get to experience in it’s full extensiveness, living to a ripe old age with all of our limbs, and hopefully consciousness, still intact.

Thus wasting it by simply achieving mediocre success within one’s career simply won’t do, I mean I’ve accepted that as a being on this place we call Earth, one needs to at least attempt to be the best at something, to give it your all and to have a purpose. Therefore I’ve put together a list of easily actionable positive changes one can make to further one’s career at a quicker pace:

First In, Last Out

A poor retrenchment technique, but a very good time-management strategy. Real passion often resembles obsession in what you do, and generally this derives from initially putting in the hard-work, so that you can learn and consume information and eventually become brilliant at what you do. When you start achieving success, even in the slightest, you begin to enjoy the work. Hours pass by, tasks become goals and what was once the most difficult part of your day soon turns into what you look forward to. Have a look at the most successful people around you, they’ve all achieved it by working hard and diligently. If you’re not obsessed with wanting to do the best you can in your current job, then maybe it’s time for a change in career.

Smile and wave, boys (and girls)

Respect in the work place is key, thus treating everyone in the workplace with the same attitude and politeness is absolutely essential to create a healthy environment where you can grow as individual and have a good rapport with your peers. And yes, that literally means talking to more than that one friend you go to lunch with everyday. I know it can be difficult and awkward at times, especially in a high-stress environment, but showing a real interest in the lives of the individuals you spend a large portion of your day with can often add to the enjoyment of your work-life.

Messi is really not that good without Barcelona

I’ve learnt that being a team player is often more than just doing coffee-runs and complimenting new hair-cuts. Being a team-player means coming to work on time, being adequately dressed, ensuring your work is to the highest level, not arguing with your manager in front of others, encouraging the success of others, not speaking negatively even when angry, not comparing yourself to others and sometimes helping your team-mates for no self-gain. Thus implementing a few changes in how we work with other team-members, can lead to a much great success for all involved.

Show me the Money!

Businesses need to make money, thus the easiest way to get a promotion is to demonstrate your commercial value by either saving or making your company more money, or creating a strategic partnership that will lead to a new revenue stream. For those involved with the Technical processes of a company, it generally means that the more efficient one is, the less of a cost to company one will be and the easier the decision in terms of a promotion!

In closing I would just say that it takes a combination of hard-work and learning from all of the mistakes you have made on your journey to succeed in whatever you do, it’s not easy, but if it’s your passion, it all becomes worth it.