The root canal of all evil
by Matthew Schloms

If you had the chance to meet and get to know me, you would know that I hate the dentist.

I would go as far as saying It would be the same as sky diving, oh yeah…. I have fear of heights.

How is this related to recruitment? Put quite simply, this is the same feeling most people have toward their job or even the company they are working for.

Like the saying goes; “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”

The pain I was going through refers to the many ways you are not enjoying your job (my pain got to the point of becoming unbearable and resulted in me losing a day’s work)

You would be saying things like “it’s going to get better”, “they are going to give me that position I have been asking for” or “it’s going to change next month”

Reality of the situation is that nothing changes, in fact things tend to get worse when the next month becomes the next month and then next year.

In my case I needed a quick remedy which resulted in a dental appointment with a dentist I did not know. 

Don’t allow your environment to get to a point of impulsively having to leave without having a backup plan or joining a company desperately.

Do you feel like you are in the same position?

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