Recruiter of Duty - the TechStream edition is here
by Krystin Kistensamy

Wouldn’t you like to walk into your 10-year high school class reunion with your profession on a sleeve, earning looks of gleaming pride in your former peers’ eyes as they leer over into your library of accomplishments?

Everyone wants to bring across the charisma, strength and honor their careers has led them into.

It is said that recruitment is an honorable and selfless profession. You’re helping candidates find their dream careers, improving their livelihoods until your coaching and support leads them into the area they’d like to explore (or at least a step in the right direction).

I do not have the ample experience many of my colleagues have but I’ve heard enough to know that the market has become diluted with margin pushers and gunslingers with rubber bullets that place candidates in horrible situations.

At TechStream, training has been intense. Not to the point of crawling out of the office suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. No, I’m referring to an intensity caused by personalized perfection. Processes so efficient, it packs and empowers each recruiter with their own punch and secret recipe. Processes so personalized that it’d only work for you.

I’ve recently become embroiled in a first-person shooter game, that allows freeplay and let’s each live streamer start with nothing, not even a shred of armour or a simple weapon in the middle of an island with enemies surrounding you. How is this relevant to the point I’m trying to bring across, recruitment to me is much like this game. TechStream drops you in the middle of a field and you start with nothing. They lead you to your armour and introduce you to your weapon of choice. They grant you several game-play strategies and shows you where the safe houses are located (current client requirement). That is until they leave you to roam on your own and conquer your own enemies.

The leaderboard is challenging with subject matter expert mercenaries leading the race.

How is this different?

These leaders allow you your rest whilst they keep lookout and will shoulder half your loot to ensure you a smoother journey until you’re ready to pick yourself up fully.

Don’t get me wrong though. TechStream is not a place for the weak even with the support. If you’re not willing to learn from anyone else, whether it be young or old, you’ll never become better than the person you were when you started.

That is the ultimate achievement to unlock, to become a better recruiter than you were yesterday.

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