Our digital partner BrandBridge were engaged by a household brand to create an innovative tool which aids growth and helps users with weight maintenance and weight loss.

The brief was to create an easy to use cross-platform mobile application which allows users to generate a customised diet plan for their patients and instantly share it with their clients via a number of different channels.

Working together with the client we were able to implement a number of unique features, including: an interactive body conditioning system which scores users, a calorie calculator and recommendation tool, various diet options which were linked to partner products, as well as access to several data outputs useful for practitioners. These could then all be shared via social media, printed or emailed.

Our team were responsible for the entire application development process, focusing on a simplistic UI and UX to ensure the app was simple. Following the design phase, our agile approach enabled the client to continually test and prototype new features, which were effectively built into the core product. The teams’ attention to detail and creative thinking added great value to the client and helped to grow the app in the right way.