Business colleagues sitting around a table and preparing to launch a brand

by Strahinja Micovic

Since the 1990s, the Internet has been officially released for commercial use.

The world is changing and so our possibilities.

Some of us maybe remember the time when he used the AOL CD to explore the World Wide Web, check his e-mails, to google … “yahoo” something. Much has happened since then.
Especially since the social media wave, the whole world is obsessed with “surfing”, poking friends and supporting them on Farmville. Movies, series and even games are “streamed” nowadays.

The possibilities of being “connected”, you could just as quickly find in our offices and factories. Less and less folders can be seen today. Now we all work with a database, office products and e-mail software. And everything is communicating with each other.

Everything became faster, more efficient, more digital. Trendy words such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, the Cloud and digitization are on an almost daily basis. And that’s good, some would say. Some not. Many complain that the automation of our time is causing more and more jobs to disappear. People are replaced by programmed robots, automated software and self-communicating systems. On the other side some speak of the development of the working world. As the Sueddeutsche Zeitung said, “Young people are more worried about the climate than about their jobs because there are many qualified jobs.

Robots rarely steal jobs, they create new ones”. And further “Since 2008, the peak of the financial crisis, the number of employees has increased from 28 to more than 33 million” in Germany.

As a fact, we can say more and more jobs may “disappear”, but the demand for skilled workers continue to increase. Yes, Digitalization takes its toll – you need to educate yourself, maybe you have to redefine yourself.

Also, you have to make digitization available. This leads to the creation of new jobs to ensure the digital world to consumers, office workers, the assembly line mechatronics or always-travelling- managers.

But these newly created positions have to be filled first. That’s when companies like CloudStream come into play. A specialized company that provides experienced specialists and executives as well as independent IT experts.

Our clients are just crying out for it. For a long time, it has not been so easy to support a company with its research-needs – and for a long time it was not been so difficult to help them to success. The right candidates are rare, specialized and employed. And that’s just fine.That’s how I want to introduce myself. We are CloudStream in Germany and we have the goal to conquer market parts that are not only specialized, but also future-oriented. We want a company to think first at CloudStream as soon as they want to move forward.

For this, we have now hired two people who have experience in the IT world and years of experience in the personnel services industry. But most of all, Micho (me) and Nora have the drive to get worthy this statement. That is our claim on us and for our candidates and customers.

Today, after 6 years as a recruiter, I am happy to have chosen this path, because only this way can I stay up to date in all IT fields that I love.

And CloudStream will grow soon. Because we know that the world is changing and to make a name for ourselves, we must become many. We must be specialized, active, forward-thinking. July 2019 is our official start in Germany. We want to have good achievements in 2019 and be much closer to our golas in 2020. Last but not least, we already have our first accomplishments such as marketing strategies, or references for some soon-to-be clients and that’s thank to the already existing Streams. So, I already would like to thank you for a great cooperation with all the Streams worldwide. I think, we are starting to move in the right circles.