A leading ecommerce retailer engaged our digital partner BrandBridge with a requirement to create a transnational portal, spanning six countries, across the Asia-Pacific.

It was essential that the design, user journey and UX reflected the US version however it had to also be localised for the APAC countries. As a result, our team focused on ensuring that each portal operated responsively, adapting to the domestic language with personalised content and images.

The Solution Development team worked closely with the client’s Singapore unit to scope, develop and build the site. The client provided all the creative work, with several of our front and back end developers were responsible for the entire build and providing all the technical skills and support.

Having managed the end to end development and delivery of the portal, our client was keen to keep our team involved moving forward. Therefore, we agreed a 1 year Service Level Agreement whereby new features, new pages and new content were continuously integrated to the portal. This ensured that all updates were made quickly and seamlessly.