Energy Saving written in the clouds

geo, a leading provider of smart energy products, has been successful in securing funding from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to further develop Core, the smart energy manager at the heart of geo’s Hybrid Home system.

As part of this, geo will head up a unique consortium comprising regional power distributors, energy aggregators, energy suppliers and prominent housing associations, with the objective of delivering flexible energy options to households and positively impacting energy policy in the UK.

Core sits at the heart of the home management platform, providing consumers with a user-friendly system that works seamlessly in the background to automate control of smart energy systems. It integrates third-party products such as solar PV panels and electric vehicle chargers to help homeowners optimise how and when they use energy, improve energy management, and make energy requirements in the home more flexible.

Source: Smart Energy International

Categories: Industry News

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