Virgin London 10KM run

On 15th July 2018 CloudStream chose to partake in the British 10K London Run 2018 in hopes of raising finds for Saras Hope Foundation.  

As a regular gym goer I thought why not, it would definitely keep me aligned on my fitness journey, which involved training 3 times a week to shed a few pounds – all those after work drinks were beginning to show! As I indulged in regular training, the purpose of this run began to get lost, as “beating my previous time” became more important. Then came the day before the run, with hardly no sleep the night before and a setback in fitness goals because of a girls holiday the week before- the train ride was absolutely nerve-racking.

As I walked to the start line I saw thousands of faces… all different shapes, shades and sizes brought together in hopes of raising as much money as possible for this amazing cause.

At that moment it all became clear that the result at the end of the race was insignificant and it was the taking part that mattered. Taking part meant that not only were we able to increase recognition of such a great charity, we were also able to show our support for individuals who feel alone when going through hard times.

Being a part of those 10,000 people was amazing, but the cause made it all worth while and honestly a moment to never forget.

Well done to all the team at CloudStream – even our board members turned out and joined the run, needless to say we beat their times!!!

#British10K #SarasHopeFoundation #CancerSucks

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