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I’m Steve Smith, the onsite lead for CloudStream’s outsourced recruitment campaign for Maersk’s exciting Command & Control Centre project, based at their state-of-the-art UK HQ in Maidenhead.  

This is a truly unique and innovative project involving the insourcing and centralising of Maersk’s overseas Infrastructure operations. Over a period of just a few months, myself and my colleagues at CloudStream will recruit and onboard 75+ high-calibre individuals, each with proven skills across the IT Infrastructure & Security spectrum to form an industry leading 24/7 Command & Control Centre capability.

The new 24/7 function will be comprised of talented and ambitious individuals who will form various teams specialising in all aspects of Infrastructure – including Network & Voice Infrastructure Engineers, Major Incident Managers, IT Monitoring Analysts/Event Operators, Service Application Managers, Database Administrators, Middleware Engineers and Security Analysts. This will enable Maersk to deploy 17-24 subject matter experts working closely together at any given time of the day or night, giving them the best possible incident management capability which is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

CloudStream have partnered with Maersk on this project from the early planning stages, including the design and launch of a dedicated website www.joinmaersktoday.com and facilitation of a high profile marketing campaign; production of job descriptions for each position and creating the robust processes which will be followed for candidate interviewing, technical testing and assessing candidates’ suitability for hire. On behalf of CloudStream and Maersk, I personally interview each and every candidate prospect for the Command & Control Centre and collaborate closely with senior stakeholders at Maersk throughout every step of the recruitment process.

The experiences of working across the CloudStream / Maersk collaboration and helping to drive quality and service into the process and been a great experience for me and something I will look to take into forthcoming projects either within other aspects of Maersk or on future CloudStream projects.

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