Joe tours the globe with global incentive

TechStream run a half yearly global performance award which is hotly contested around the world.

Every 6 months the highest performer is selected and given an amazing award. An all expenses paid trip for a week in the city of any of the offices around the world.

2017 was an amazing year for the business and a personal best for myself, which culminated in wining the global performance award. It didn’t take long for me to select New York.

I was flown to spend a week “working” from our New York office. Being used to the hot South African sun it was a shock to the system to land in freezing temperatures, with snow and an icy wind but I was sure to keep warm by adding many layers and eating as much $1 slice pizza as possible.

My days started very early due to the jet lag, so I would begin with a run around Central Park and then make my way into the office. Working with the US team was great, a different style and market and it gave me the opportunity to learn some new skills which I am sure will stand well back in South Africa.

In the down time I went to see as many of the tourist spots as humanly possible and it didn’t disappoint, I think I covered the whole City in a few days, this involved boat trips to the Statue of Liberty, visiting 9/11 memorial sites, the top of the Empire State building and everything else in between.

I ended the trip how it started with another visit to Madison Square Gardens with my New York colleagues to watch the Ice Hockey; Not a sport I’m familiar with, but how exciting, it didn’t disappoint.

After a great end to 2017, we have had a great start to 2018 and look forward to seeing who ends up the winner of the next Trip Incentive.