CloudStream celebrates 20 000 LinkedIn followers

A few months after the launch of CloudStream Global in January 2017, I joined a conference call with Stefano Bonato and Tony O´Hara from LinkedIn. 

Here they introduced us to all the wonderful features of our new LinkedIn Recruiter home page.

After hearing the endless advantages which LinkedIn´s portal could offer us as a business, we decided to make it one of our core priorities. We implemented all the advice received and set ourselves a goal – By the beginning of April 2018 we wanted to reach 20,000 followers.

Straight away we recognized we had to work globally to make this happen and from day one, we started working together trying to implement new and innovative approaches to communicate our message and our corporate culture.

I must admit ones of my favourite parts of the day, is to open the analytic section on LinkedIn´s home page and check how many new followers we gathered over the last 24 hours.

As we approached the 20,000 followers, we began to get ready to thank our network for all of their support; it felt like the count down to a New Year celebration and just before the end of March, we hit our target of 20,000 followers!

Being part of this project has made me experience the power of this professional network and its never-ending benefits; not only does it bring professionals together but allows your organization to interact with all the departments globally, and that is not always easy to achieve.

I therefore encourage everyone who has access to this toll to not be shy; post, share, comment and like away!