IoT Tech Expo appearance with CloudStream camera

There are many, many business books, manuals and white papers out there, all looking to impart pearls of wisdom on how to build or run your business; the one that resonates with me is “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. Tipped as the modern startup bible.  

Eric defines the concept of innovation being a continuous process that every organisation needs, rather than a singular eureka moment. This concept has stuck with me and has played a critical part in the strategy of building CloudStream.

For me, continuous innovation is different than continually improving your processes. Continuous innovation means not being afraid to try something new; challenge; test and throw caution to the wind. The dilemma is how to achieve this without pushing the established parts of the business into chaos. Even a startup must not be afraid to have startups within it.

CloudStream built its own internal incubation centre in Cape Town or “The Silicon Cape” as its now fondly known. Our office has taken on the mantle to challenge the status quo, develop new concepts for our business and act as the launching platform prior to a global roll out.

This year we have developed and tested some truly exceptional analytics and will roll these out in the new year – linking every smart TV in every office and connecting all our staff with a killer app. The latest innovation for CloudStream to come out of the Cape is vlogging. Our South African team has been posting with great success weekly vlogs for new client opportunities, campaigns and networking events. Last week I saw our Spain office go live with their 1st postings and by end of December every CloudStream office will be posting.

Its such a great feeling to see the concepts and ideas come to life and make a real difference to our business.

Well done to Lisset & Paola keep driving our social engagement.

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