Tripti wins HY1 trip in TechStream

CloudStream run a global half year incentive for their top performers; the incentive is to spend a fully expensed week in any one of our offices anywhere is the world.  

As you would imagine, it’s a hard fought competition, with every consultant from every office having the opportunity to win. Last time it was a consultant from the South African office. She had such an amazing trip, it was motivation & inspiration for us all.

Fortunately this was my time; The half year had been exceptional for me, specialising in the data science & analytics space had seen a massive increase in hiring needs from my long standing
clients and a serious surge in new clients looking for support. They culminated in the perfect storm that ultimately led me to achieve this amazing award.

Based in Singapore I had the choice of offices in New York, Cape Town, Malaga and of course London. For me the choice was easy – London here I come!!!!

I had my visa sorted in less than a week and I was in London on July 13th. Just in time to take part in the “half year review” which to my delight was being held at LinkedIn’s UK head office (another unique experience for me), with drinks at the shuffle board club (another first). Just when I thought there couldn’t be anymore surprises, Mike & Adam presented me with a Women’s Mont Blanc pen which I will treasure for life! The manner of CloudStream’s giving was an overwhelming experience and one I feel so humbled by.

For my entire trip, I was made to feel part of the team. James was taking me out sightseeing and for lovely lunches, and the consultants took me out for drinks most evenings. It is great to see we really do have a global culture that truly celebrates success.

London in Summer is something to behold, the atmosphere when the suns out, the buzz, evening drinks and the sheer magnitude of everything. The people were very accepting, welcoming, and a real live-and-let-live attitude. This last quality I found extremely refreshing. In London you are free to be who you are.

Thank you CloudStream for lovely experience and looking forward for HY2 2017.