Gavin Linehamd and Antoinette Buckle win HY 1 prize

We have always intended CloudStream to be a very collaborative business and from the moment we agreed that collaboration would be a core business value, we have strived to make this part of our daily DNA.  

We quickly realised, that like any goal in life you must really want it and you will need to work hard to achieve it. Building a global, collaborative business is no different and we are only stage one of our journey. But they say the 1st steps are the hardest!!!!

Our 1st step was the environment:

  • Make it easy for people to collaborate
  • Create forums that encourage collaboration
  • Utilise the latest desk technologies like Skype for business to encourage communication across the offices
  • Make sure everyone from top down is approachable and supportive but occasionally taking those first steps needs some extra encouragement, and this is what led us to launch our annual awards that inspire and reward collaboration and performance.
  • What greater way to encourage our offices to collaborate with each other than provide 2 employees the experience to live life in an office of their choice for a week.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I can announce the winners of the 2016 award are:

Antoinette Buckle from our Cape Town office & Gavin Lineham from our London office

Antoinette will be leaving the blue skies of Cape Town for her 1st ever trip to the somewhat grey skies of London. Our London team guarantees to make it an amazing trip and show her all the sights that London has to offer. Great work Anti a true ambassador of CloudStream.

Gavin, who is officially sick of the grey London skies has not surprisingly opted to sample the blue skies of Cape Town. The Cape office will show him some amazing restaurants, beaches and landscapes and if he can muster it maybe some great white sharks too.

These are the people that inspire a truly collaborative DNA across our business. Well done from us all and we look forward to announcing the next two recipients.

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