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CloudStream and BrandBridge Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver a Global Digital Offering. 

In December 2016, CloudStream a leading provider of consulting & resourcing solutions and BrandBridge, an innovative software company operating at the forefront of cutting edge technologies, recently announced a new strategic partnership.

The partnership will combine CloudStream’s extensive cross industry expertise and network with BrandBridge’s exceptional digital development capability, to provide a series of solutions catering for an increasingly mobile and agile landscape.

Over recent years’ organisations of all sizes have placed increased importance upon their digital strategy and shift towards online and mobile channels. As a consequence, applications are rapidly evolving with greater emphasis on cognitive analytics, smart data and UX to shape the decisions they make. From a consumer perspective, these innovations operate as key differentiators, determining which supplier they interact and ultimately transact with. In light of this, many organisations have moved away from traditional waterfall methodologies towards an Agile DevOps approach to ensure their digital channels continuously respond to the latest market developments.

Recognising the change in the market, CloudStream and BrandBridge have seized the opportunity to merge their capabilities and build a robust yet agile digital offering. CloudStream has a bench of onshore, nearshore and offshore digital capability, from DevOps and UX consultants to Scrum Masters and Change Leads who can be deployed to initiate digital transformation.

The executives of both organisations have outlined a shared methodology and defined approach to their partnership agreement. The intention is to build long standing partnerships with shared clients, underpinned with clear process at its foundation.

Together CloudStream and BrandBridge are co-innovating around application development, focusing on using analytics and business intelligence to refine the consumers interactive experience. The first project will involve the end to end development of a mobile application for a leading client in order to improve customer retention rates.

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