Building a Digital Hub

Business partnership and success concept. Mixed media

Following a client referral, CloudStream was engaged by a major African financial services provider, to lead their talent drive across digital transformation. 

This organization, like many others in the sector have a 3-5-year plan for significant digital transformation across all facets of their business. In order to deliver this plan, the bank built its own “digital hub”; a business within the business.

The first hire in this new Digital Hub was a “Mini CEO”; a digital pioneer that would create the vision and deliver the strategy for the bank. 

CloudStream was able to leverage its global network of top-tier talent to provide a shortlist of eight domestic and international profiles.  

Our short list was so successful we not only delivered the “Mini CEO” but also three further hires into the leadership team; helping solidify our position place as one of South Africa’s leading technology talent providers.




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